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Hey guys, so it's been a long journey as some of you are aware the last two months.... you can read these following journals to get up to speed on what has happened in my hectic life lately:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

I was taking several commission slots ( ) but have gotten very few people interested (Thank you guys who were!); I cannot stress how important it is that I get some slots taken here and there, at least a few a week. I'm struggling a lot to survive right now (I am sleeping on a couch, and have my computer set up on an old table) and I still am unable to see my wife and son because they made it to WA (Thankfully) to live with her parents temporarily while I've been stuck down here in Utah away from's been very, very hard dealing with this, and I would love to get back to them as soon as I can. I've gotten rid of and sold over half of my things, and I still have a good bit of stuff to move (Probably two trips worth without a Uhaul or trailer). I'll be moving in with an old friend of mine in a camper trailer up in WA for now until I can get back up on my feet and get my own place. It's not great, but it's something, and better than being out and homeless without a place to sleep.

I have to raise $1000 to make both trips. $300 per trip, and $200 per bus ticket. I have three ca...
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Service Prices These are my listed prices for my service, from drawing characters to producing professional graphics to building and repairing huge computer or service rigs, I can create it for you! Be sure to read my service prices and details carefully! Commission Request Form Ready for a commission? Send out a request for a commission and expect a reply within 48 hours! Please refer to my Service Prices for more information about my commission service! Your Commission Status Check your commission status here! Be sure to have your Commission Request Order number ready to look up your commission update!
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