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So far it's been a rough 2016. Financially, I have not been this stable, ever. I have a good job, a place to live, and people I can trust (mostly). I know so many people that getting around or getting by isn't difficult, and it's the first time life has been this, relatively, easy. But the challenges never stop there.

Last winter/late fall my lady and I were as homeless as homeless gets; we had no where to stay (permanently) and no where to go. It was also a time where both of my running vehicles happen to have problems at the same time, and I was out of a job. Money was so tight it made us think irrationally, and time was more important than ever before...thankfully we hopped around, and we also stayed on a friend's couch for awhile. But life was pretty rough. Then my '66 Skylark's engine took a shit, and a rod or bearing gave out, making the engine useless. It's sat ever since in my storage (One day it will drive again!).

Then we learned my mate was pregnant, and everything changed. We had to prepare ourselves for the worst, thinking the baby's arrival might be harder than ever before, and we tried and tried to make due. Luckily we scored a home with some roomates, people we know, and I landed a good paying job in my field of expertise. Though the hard work and tough times did not stop other car, my 73 Electra, had an engine problem where a water pump seized, and the harmonic balancer snapped into two pieces (Like holy shit that never happens) and it sat fo...
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Service Prices These are my listed prices for my service, from drawing characters to producing professional graphics to building and repairing huge computer or service rigs, I can create it for you! Be sure to read my service prices and details carefully! Commission Request Form Ready for a commission? Send out a request for a commission and expect a reply within 48 hours! Please refer to my Service Prices for more information about my commission service! Your Commission Status Check your commission status here! Be sure to have your Commission Request Order number ready to look up your commission update!
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