2023 Emergency Moving Donation Pool

Posted by Raphial Hebert
UPDATE 03/10/2023 A group of guys broke into all of my cars and my RV, and ransacked everything. They stole all of my power tools and my work laptop...
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You can go to my Amazon Wishlist if you'd like to help buy important necessities, such as dog food, or crucial parts to help winterize my RV for these cold months. Anything helps!
For many of us, 2022 was a recovering year from the passing effects from COVID through 2020 and 2021. It was a year for recovery for most of us, and like some may already know, ours was full of challenges, ups, and downs. Many of the time we spent during 2022 was moving on from the challenges resulted from COVID, the economic lockdown, and the effects it left on us. However, for me personally, 2022 was a huge challenge. Today, I'm going to talk about unfortunate events that include homelessness, multiple car crashes, death, COVID, divorce, and a lawsuit filed against my management for committing fraud. If I cannot get help, I will lose most of everything I have and everything I've invested years and years of hard work into.

The Two Wrecks

On Dec 23rd, 2021, we were in a bad car crash that resulted in my car, a 2008 Pontiac G8, I had been paying off to nearly be totaled out. It put both myself and my wife in the hospital that night, all because a lady driving a truck pulled out in the middle of traffic in the rain. The result could have been much, much worse. Then in May 2022, I was involved in another crash, one near fatal. On the way back from running errands I was travelling about 45mph down a busy back road behind a large SUV in the same left lane. After travelling through an intersection, the SUV suddenly and spontaneously decided to swerve into the right lane, then take a u-turn in the middle of traffic. Because I was a few cars behind him, and travelling at the same speed, I had barely a fraction of a second to react; my 1988 Pontiac Fiero slammed into the side of the turning SUV, and if I had not reacted in time and leaned away from the steering wheel, I would have went through the windshield of my tiny car. Thankfully I was only bruised up and had been checked out of the ER that night with only bruises and aches. I was very lucky; the entire front end of the car was smashed, and the entire frame was tweaked from the front passenger corner all the way to the back driver corner.

During that summer I acquired new clients at our small car shop, and business was looking better than ever. We had several high dollar classic cars show up, and we also got to attend one of the largest PNW classic car shows that early July. Business was looking good. We had finally got both settlement checks from the December and May wrecks, and started to restore both cars (We purchased a new, exact-year donor for the Fiero); things were looking up for 2022.

Divorce, COVID, Death, and Hospital Visits

Unfortunately, a life changing event happened in mid July that will sadly shape my future with a lot of challenges and rough obstacles. My wife, my best friend of 8 years, 4 years married, decided to leave the marriage unexpectedly. There are a lot of details about this incident I want to purposely leave out of respect for them and respect for our relationship, but it was very, very hard and very sudden on me. I had worked very, very hard to secure us a new home I was currently working on at the time, and to provide for my family. Our 6 year old son and my lovely wife were my world, and my top priority. But overnight, that all changed in a way I could not control, and has become an emotional disturbance since.

During this time, we had a 1969 Chevelle, show room condition, in our shop under a tight deadline to finish, and the client was high paying and well respected. Unfortunately right after the distraction of a now new problem of divorce, I also got extremely sick with COVID days later. It started as a nasty cold, and developed into COVID. I lost that customer, along with his respect and future planned jobs I had scheduled out. Several thousand, and more, lost, and my work schedule dropped for weeks. This sickness resulted in me being ill for 4 weeks into August, and then things got even worse. When I finally started feeling better, and started picking up work again, the first day I ...
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