Back on track!

Posted by Raphial Hebert
Hey guys! I hope everyone is doing alright during these hard months. I know it's been quite awhile since I was last active here, but I'm trying very hard to overcome this art block and get back into the game, so to speak. I've been hurdling a lot of depression and stress since last year, and it's been an extremely difficult challenge gaining my passion back for art. It's been a really, really long, hard struggle. So please excuse the random personal art if you see any; it's just me trying to get comfortable again! 

If you haven't already noticed, I've been trying to stream more often again, and have been the last two weeks. I'll be posting art here again, and picking back up on my art schedule and Patreon again. 

I personally and sincerely thank you all who have been supportive, stuck through with me, and have been patience with me. I'm very, very, -very- sorry I have not been active, and that things have been spotty at best with me.. but I promise it will get better very soon. I...
iRaph Studios is the center foundation for all of our crazy, fun, and exciting projects we've been tossing together since 2009. We've served customers all across the globe, and have strived for providing a good example of what customer service and experience should be. It is with the support and opportunities given to us by our community and customers that allow us to grow and expand onto new things and new adventures. Thank you!
Raphial Hebert
Digital Arts
Our company first started as a digital arts studio in 2009 before establishing any footprint in the computer industry. Our digital media and graphic design has only you and your best interests in mind; we are passionate about the quality and expectation of our service from logos to comic book illustrations to web page designing, we do it all.

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We have been developing, building computers and repairing a wide variety of technologies since 2009. We offer several different services for our clients to help either repair, or develop, amazing technology to fit their needs and delivery their best expectations.

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Community Effort
In 2017, the founder of iRaph Studios experimented with the idea of uniting local communities into large groups to help bring people together. After that, the Puget Sound Furs organization was developed; an imaginative and unique organization focused on bringing the community together and leading group events from simple fun meets to important and major community gatherings. We help fundraise charities, community service, and more.

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