What is SPECWeb?

SPECWeb is a collection of basic features and ideas put into one convenient package for web hosting and management. Originally created in 2012 dubbed "Sector 7", this software was designed to be used only as a quick portfolio management software for photographic and artistic websites; however, the brand grew more universal over the last few years so it would help cover a wider variety of websites. When it was established, it was just a hobby project from the comforts of home, and nothing more, but today it has grown to be used as a basic and universal tool for a variety of businesses, clinics, offices, freelancers, and more. Still under-going changes and updates, SPECWeb features a variety of advantages, the biggest one being add-ons called "modules" that can further improve and fit your needs of your website. From gallery additions, to invoice modules to handle invoices and inventory...modules are a huge leap into the modern era of flexible, stable, convenient web design hosting.

Using SPECWeb will not only help keep everything in one spot, but will make managing your website or web software a lot easier and quicker, and for businesses, time is money. 


Basic Features

One of the most important features of any website management software is simplicity and the ability to understand the interface quickly and easily. SEPCWeb was designed with you in mind, and does not require a specialist of any kind to use it. In some cases, you might find tid bits of simple code like < b > or < i > used, but fret not, because these are just additional common HTML code used for content pages and text, which can be used or left behind! This is how flexible our software is! By default, SPECWeb offers a small news blog, page content management, social media integration, site information, and a few other simple flexible website features that can be used in a wide variety of ways.

One of the important features is that the content on web pages can be easily changed, edited, or removed. You can add in simple text, or even go in as to add your own HTML/CSS code for things like unique sections of your web page or to embed YouTube videos, or more. There is also a simple user interface where you can add, or remove, additional users that can be assigned as regular, or administrative, users. Using a simple registration interface that only requires an email, username, name, and password, you can set up additional users for a variety of things. Features also include a wide variety of built-in fonts and icons you can use throughout your website that is easily accessible through the admin control panel (ACP).

Inside the ACP you will see a lot of different options and pages that will help you navigate through the management process of maintaining your website; when first installed, you'll need to start off with some basic information such as the title of the website and the website domain, or username, email, and your real name. Once set up, your website will forever be easy and simple to manage and manipulate. 


From the start, SPECWeb offers a few integration features for social media, such as Facebook recognition or Instagram integration to show your latest photos. With the modern era moving more and more towards a convenient network of social media websites and profile pages, social media integration is almost a must in the technological world, as well as SEO. Over the years, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and social media have become more and more of a default and important platform, or feature, for all kinds of brands and industries from computer technology to website design to data entry. Because of this, SPECWeb, by default, is already loaded with a few options to help you get started integrating a variety of different social media platforms. We also have a few simple and easy to use SEO features that will help get your website on the map and search result list with little to no hassle. 

With these default options, getting started is just a walk in the park. However, for more customized and complex integrations, we offer customized integrations from a case-by-case perspective. We can help integrate nearly anything needed to help meet your needs for your website, from custom integration solutions to simple add-ins. With how SPECWeb is internally structured, it can easily be manipulated to help add in your needed customizations and features.