Digital Goods

These terms of agreement are for any digital art or graphic design commission request(s) given to iRaph Studios. By giving a commission request, and upon payment of any type of any increment for a requested commission, you adhere and agree to all of these terms. These terms and conditions may be modified without notice at any given time. Please carefully read these conditions:

SECTION 1, Our Rights

iRaph Studios reserves these rights: a) To modify, post, alter, and/or copy any material we create. b) To reject any commission request at any given time. c) To hold and reserve your commission until your entire payment has been recieved. d) To keep your personal information for future reference. 1 e) To reject any refund requests that do not include any information or receipt of payment.

SECTION 2, Customer Rights

Your rights as a commissioner: a) To post, modify, copy, and/or alter any material you have requested from me through commission. 2 b) To request a screening stream of the progress of the commission (Or recording). 3 c) To pay the due payment in increments 4 or in full.

SECTION 3, Customer Conduct

a) Understand your requested commission may take awhile. Finishing times differ with each request and with what happens to me offline or online. Average turn around times range from 20 to 30 days of completion. b) Please do not spam me about your commission. You may request the status of your request, but please be patient.

SECTION 4, Payments

a) You will not recieve your commission until I have been given the entire payment. b) If you'd like to use Paypal, iRaph Studios can send you an invoice for payment. c) If you are sending payment through the mail via Money Order or Personal Check, I will email you an appropriate address to send the payment to. If you use this option, you MUST pay IN FULL. This means payment incriments will NOT be accepted; you must pay the entire due amount. If you use this option, I will not start your commission until I have recieved the payment in the mail. 1 Your personal information that will be kept will be your name and payment method (Debit/Credit card numbers and other sensitive information will not be kept). 2 You must always give me artistic credit. 3 It is not my responsibility to screen stream or record a commission and its progress, but the option to request one is available. 4 The first payment must be exactly, or higher, than half of the entire payment required. After the first payment, you must pay increments of at least $5 within two months after the first payment. If you exceed two months, your commission will be discontinued.