New Streaming Schedule!

Posted by Raphial Hebert
Good evening everyone! 

I'm really happy to announce I'll be committing to a NEW weekly stream schedule from here on out from my Picarto live page! My schedule from now on follows (Pacific Time): 

Sunday from 6pm to 10pm 
Wednesday from 4pm to 8pm 
Friday (every other) from 5pm to 10pm 

Occasionally I will hold special event nights or GAME nights as well on these stream days! I know my amazing clients have been extremely patient with me, and I cannot express my gratitude enough as 2023 and beginning of this year have been the hardest in my life, but I wouldn't have gotten this far without you all and my closest supporters. Im super excited to get back to work for everyone 💖 If you haven't already please consider joining my Discord for announcements and exclusive content @ ! I have SO many good things coming up!!! If you haven't already, PLEASE consider subscribing to my Patreon @ to support me or shop my merch by clicking Shop above!! Even my low dollar tiers help a ton!!! 🙏💖

Theft and Loss Recovery

Posted by Raphial Hebert
You can go to my Amazon Wishlist if you'd like to help buy important necessities, such as dog food, or crucial parts to help winterize my RV for these cold months. Anything helps!
2023 has been difficult already through the beginning of the year. With the adjustment of divorce, the class action lawsuit against my rental property my shop is located in, and among other inconveniences and financial loss, I then had a sudden theft and break-in occur a month ago. I was finishing up the repair on my RV's shower and bathroom that night before, at about 6:30am, a group of thugs broke into my RV and 3 other vehicles; two of them mine, and one of them a customer's. 

I heard the last break-in of my Lincoln Town Car's glass being smashed, and when I came outside (Luckily I was in the shop), I saw three guys crammed into the car rummaging through everything I had. I quickly chased them off and had my dog, a Belgian Malinois, run after the last of the three guys. She caught up to him, but by then he had reached the building by the road, and I couldn't see her. For her safety, I called her back. All three men got away.

Minutes after looking over the damage, it became quickly apparent they had broken into more than just the Lincoln. They broke into my '79 Volvo 240 wagon, the Lincoln, my customer's Buick, and my RV. Unfortunately I had left all of my power tools, and several bags of tools, in the RV the night before when I finished up several weeks of work in the bathroom. They stole my Winchester 30.06 rifle, my 12g shotgun, my laptop bag with my expensive Acer Nitro 5 gaming laptop (And a ton of extras in the bag) and all of my power tools. About $900 worth of power tools and battery packs... They ransacked my RV and even took a big $h!t in the bathroom and peed all over the floor... It took all day just to clean the RV alone. It was horrid. They even tried stealing the RV, hacked up some of the wiring underneath the dash, and completely ruined the ignition lock cylinder the key ...

2023 Emergency Moving Donation Pool

Posted by Raphial Hebert
UPDATE 03/10/2023 A group of guys broke into all of my cars and my RV, and ransacked everything. They stole all of my power tools and my work laptop...
Click link for more details.
You can go to my Amazon Wishlist if you'd like to help buy important necessities, such as dog food, or crucial parts to help winterize my RV for these cold months. Anything helps!
For many of us, 2022 was a recovering year from the passing effects from COVID through 2020 and 2021. It was a year for recovery for most of us, and like some may already know, ours was full of challenges, ups, and downs. Many of the time we spent during 2022 was moving on from the challenges resulted from COVID, the economic lockdown, and the effects it left on us. However, for me personally, 2022 was a huge challenge. Today, I'm going to talk about unfortunate events that include homelessness, multiple car crashes, death, COVID, divorce, and a lawsuit filed against my management for committing fraud. If I cannot get help, I will lose most of everything I have and everything I've invested years and years of hard work into.

The Two Wrecks

On Dec 23rd, 2021, we were in a bad car crash that resulted in my car, a 2008 Pontiac G8, I had been paying off to nearly be totaled out. It put both myself and my wife in the hospital that night, all because a lady driving a truck pulled out in the middle of traffic in the rain. The result could have been much, much worse. Then in May 2022, I was involved in another crash, one near fatal. On the way back from running errands I was travelling about 45mph down a busy back road behind a large SUV in the same left lane. After travelling through an intersection, the SUV suddenly and spontaneously decided to swerve into the right lane, then take a u-turn in the middle of traffic. Because I was a few cars behind him, and travelling at the same speed, I had barely a fraction of a second to react; my 1988 Pontiac Fiero slammed into the side of the turning SUV, and if I had not reacted in time and leaned away from the st...

Storefront is open!

Posted by Raphial Hebert
Our new online store is finally open! We have stickers, buttons, pins, keychains, and more listed already. We'll have new merch coming very soon as well, including new shirts! You can take a look by clicking the "Shop" link at the top of the page :3

Rough week!

Posted by Raphial Hebert
A week ago I had my first intense and severe bloating pains in my abdomen, and it eventually became so painful I couldn't walk or stand up straight. We rushed to the ER at about 5am after enduring it for hours all night. Come to find out it was a stomach ulcer, my first ever, that also irritated my pancreas. Crazy! Never once had issues like this before. But the last few weeks have been extremely stressful, and the doctors explained it was likely from the stress. So I've been on meds and a very strict diet for the past week, and I'm having to regain my strength (I feel very weak). But in the meantime, I'm making lots of updates, such as our new store open! So stay tuned in~ You can also join our Discord server for more frequent updates and communication @

Back on track!

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Hey guys! I hope everyone is doing alright during these hard months. I know it's been quite awhile since I was last active here, but I'm trying very hard to overcome this art block and get back into the game, so to speak. I've been hurdling a lot of depression and stress since last year, and it's been an extremely difficult challenge gaining my passion back for art. It's been a really, really long, hard struggle. So please excuse the random personal art if you see any; it's just me trying to get comfortable again! 

If you haven't already noticed, I've been trying to stream more often again, and have been the last two weeks. I'll be posting art here again, and picking back up on my art schedule and Patreon again. 

I personally and sincerely thank you all who have been supportive, stuck through with me, and have been patience with me. I'm very, very, -very- sorry I have not been active, and that things have been spotty at best with me.. but I promise it will get better very soon. I'm battling long and hard to get through this, and I'm challenging myself to become active and art-active again. 

Our truck was stolen

Posted by Raphial Hebert
Updated 04/14/2020

With all of this lockdown going on, and how stressful the COVID-19 situation is (You can find information and resources on that here), you figured things would maybe settle down. Well, unfortunately, not for us. Our 1974 Ford F250 Custom truck we purchased last summer and fixed up was stolen last Saturday.

When I went to go grab it today to be used, we found it gone. Had no clue what happened, and immediately guess it was stolen. I called every local towing company, called the local retailers near our location, and everyone I could think of and no one had a record of our truck. So then I call our sheriff's department, and they don't have any records either. They tell me to call back with the full VIN.

So we get back to my shop where I have my paperwork, and I was able to get the information we needed. Turns out the plate was taken off the truck when it was recovered, thus no one gave me a call to let me know it was towed. Turns out, it was towed off the side of a nearby road from where it was originally located. Someone probably took off with it (It's honestly easy to steal if you know what you're doing...) then dropped it when they realized it ran like shit while it's cold out (The carb's choke isn't working; I've got it manually stuck wide open. I can get it to run no problem, but if you didn't know, it would just continue to die for the first 10-15 minutes).

After going round and round with several dispatchers, tow companies, sheriffs department, finally figure out what company found it, and towed it. Well, it's great they found it and it wasn't lost forever (They didn't even take anything out the back), but now they want $500+ to get it out. Thankfully I was able to talk the manager down to $400, but that was it. Basically I won't be charged for storage... but we have barely any money during this lockdown. I've been laid off, my contracts have been scarce, and my shop has been slow. Landlords have been working with us, and that's the only reason we even still have my shop...

At this rate, we've come to desperate measures of asking for anyone's help in retrieving our work truck. We desperately need it back because we use it a lot, and cannot afford to lose it. We wouldn't be able to move a lot of our equipment, and some of my shop's work requires it. We are humbly asking for anyone's help in donations; no one is forced to donate, but if you're comfortable with it, it would help a ton. 

You can donate via our PayPal @

Thank you guys so much for your time if you've gotten this far in reading ...


Posted by Raphial Hebert
Last updated 04/12/2020 (Updates posted below the article) Click here for helpful resource links Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a relaxing and positive week! Due to the overwhelming response among our communities due to the Corona COVID-19 virus, Puget Sound Furs (Our local Washington state event host) has decided to halt and delay our future events until further notice to help contain and prevent further contamination of our communities with this deadly threat. Our governor has already declared a state emergency to limit all public venues, and last night President Trump declared a state of emergency because of this virus. Not only this, but public schools across WA state, among other states, are being closed down temporarily (Our public schools will be closed until April thus far). What can you do to help prevent further spread? Our staff strongly recommend staying home when possible, practicing really good hygiene, washing your hands frequently, and taking other necessary precautions to help prevent further spread of the virus. We recommend, if possible, staying home is the best option for preventing further spread. If you have any feeling of possibly being sick, the feeling of a fever, or any similar signs normally associated with a cold or the flu, we encourage you to get checked immediately AND STAY HOME! It's already made known that the virus can easily spread among hundreds of people in a small area showing little to no symptoms at all, and is highly contagious even with no symptoms. This is especially dangerous for people with compromised and weak immunity (Especially our elders and children). Try to stay calm, collected, and try not to panic! Right now across all sorts of news media, social media, and more there have been clear signs of mass panic in some of our communities. A lot of retail stores have been emptied out of toilet paper, sanitizing agents, and other necessities as well as lots of non-perishable food like rice, pasta, and beans. Please try to stock up on a few necessities but please, for the sake of the elderly and people who need help, do not take an entire stock-load of items, and leave some behind for others. Gather what you need sparingly if you end up staying home for long periods of time through this difficult time. Among the viral infection, there's already signs of jobs and buildings either closing down or slowing way down, and it's already affected people's pay and financial situations. If you need sick days, do not be afraid to take them! We strongly encourage preparing for a slower season than normal in your finances, as this can severely negatively impact not only our community's health, but its economic state. So please be careful and plan ahead! What if I feel any sy...

TGS back on track!

Posted by Vuzeo
It's been a long time since we've last posted or said anything, but today we break this silence and we're kick-starting back into life again! With this we're pleased to announce we're continuing work on TGS and we're announcing that our team is expanding more globally. 

As of this publication we're looking into developing TGS more as time goes on and look forward to broadening it's size and spectrum, as of this we'll be building a Wiki with information about our Characters, World, Ships, Weapons, Factions and Species that inhabit the world of TGS. 

If you stuck this much with us and enjoy what we do, and support our endeavours and TGS, we're endlessly thankful for your support. Any support you've given us over these last few years kept us going and we're thankful to each and every one of you who stuck with us.

If you enjoy our work and would like to approach us directly and talk to the big man himself, you can find us over on our Discord server. And if you wish to speed up our progress and motivate us more and more, you can support us directly over on our Patreon!

So to sum up: 
  • Team expanding
  • TGS is back on track
  • We're building a Wiki for TGS
And that's all the time we had to spare, we're going back into our writing rooms to develop TGS and hopefully publish our first publication sometime soon...

Welcome to our upgrade!

Posted by Raphial Hebert
Welcome to the new and improved iRaph Studios website! It's been a long time in the making and has been slowly built for the last year! We have an all new custom engine designed by us to become the new foundation our website and server can build upon from here on out. 

Welcome to iRaph Studios!