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SPECTech Commissioning


+Figure Color: +$3


+Figure Color: +$5


+Gradient Background: +$5


+Gradient Background: +$5


+Complex Background: +$201
Commissions always include my Terms of Agreement when accepted.

Complex background: +$10 (Except full-shaded images)
Adult Content: +$103
Each Additional Character: +$10-152

1Complex backgrounds for full-shaded images are more than the Complex Background price for other images.
2Maximum number of characters allowed is 5. Characters include complex objects such as vehicles, ships, etc.
3Adult content may NOT include anything demeaning of character, racial slurring, extreme fetish content, gore, pregnancy, or anything symbolizing, or hint of, under-age character or content. Adult content must not be anything too extreme. This also includes NSFW alternative images that have an additional picture featuring adult content. An additional $5-10 is subjected to charge on top of the Adult Content fee for this option.


Sketch sheets: $30
Lineart sheets: $40
Flat color sheets: $70
Shaded color sheets: $90
Each additional pose:1
+$15 for sketch and lineart sheets
+$20 for flat colored sheets
+$30 for shaded sheets

1The first two poses are free.
Extra things added to reference sheets must be discussed before payment.
All images come with a watermark signature. You can request an exclusion by paying an additional $50.

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