TGS back on track!

Posted by Vuzeo
	It's been a long time since we've last posted or said anything, but today we break this silence and we're kick-starting back into life again! With this we're pleased to announce we're continuing work on TGS and we're announcing that our team is expanding more globally. 

As of this publication we're looking into developing TGS more as time goes on and look forward to broadening it's size and spectrum, as of this we'll be building a Wiki with information about our Characters, World, Ships, Weapons, Factions and Species that inhabit the world of TGS. 

If you stuck this much with us and enjoy what we do, and support our endeavours and TGS, we're endlessly thankful for your support. Any support you've given us over these last few years kept us going and we're thankful to each and every one of you who stuck with us.

If you enjoy our work and would like to approach us directly and talk to the big man himself, you can find us over on our Discord server. And if you wish to speed up our progress and motivate us more and more, you can support us directly over on our Patreon!

So to sum up: 
  • Team expanding
  • TGS is back on track
  • We're building a Wiki for TGS
And that's all the time we had to spare, we're going back into our writing rooms to develop TGS and hopefully publish our first publication sometime soon...