Our truck was stolen

Posted by Raphial Hebert
	Updated 04/14/2020

With all of this lockdown going on, and how stressful the COVID-19 situation is (You can find information and resources on that here), you figured things would maybe settle down. Well, unfortunately, not for us. Our 1974 Ford F250 Custom truck we purchased last summer and fixed up was stolen last Saturday.

When I went to go grab it today to be used, we found it gone. Had no clue what happened, and immediately guess it was stolen. I called every local towing company, called the local retailers near our location, and everyone I could think of and no one had a record of our truck. So then I call our sheriff's department, and they don't have any records either. They tell me to call back with the full VIN.

So we get back to my shop where I have my paperwork, and I was able to get the information we needed. Turns out the plate was taken off the truck when it was recovered, thus no one gave me a call to let me know it was towed. Turns out, it was towed off the side of a nearby road from where it was originally located. Someone probably took off with it (It's honestly easy to steal if you know what you're doing...) then dropped it when they realized it ran like shit while it's cold out (The carb's choke isn't working; I've got it manually stuck wide open. I can get it to run no problem, but if you didn't know, it would just continue to die for the first 10-15 minutes).

After going round and round with several dispatchers, tow companies, sheriffs department, finally figure out what company found it, and towed it. Well, it's great they found it and it wasn't lost forever (They didn't even take anything out the back), but now they want $500+ to get it out. Thankfully I was able to talk the manager down to $400, but that was it. Basically I won't be charged for storage... but we have barely any money during this lockdown. I've been laid off, my contracts have been scarce, and my shop has been slow. Landlords have been working with us, and that's the only reason we even still have my shop...

At this rate, we've come to desperate measures of asking for anyone's help in retrieving our work truck. We desperately need it back because we use it a lot, and cannot afford to lose it. We wouldn't be able to move a lot of our equipment, and some of my shop's work requires it. We are humbly asking for anyone's help in donations; no one is forced to donate, but if you're comfortable with it, it would help a ton. 

You can donate via our PayPal @ paypal.me/raphial

Thank you guys so much for your time if you've gotten this far in reading this; it's greatly appreciated. If you could share this page, that would be extremely helpful 


Thank you all who donated, it really helped our situation a lot. We got our truck back, but now we have to pay this back as soon as possible. If anyone can donate even just a few dollars, it would help a lot. Thank you guys so much.