New Streaming Schedule!

Posted by Raphial Hebert
	Good evening everyone! 

I'm really happy to announce I'll be committing to a NEW weekly stream schedule from here on out from my Picarto live page! My schedule from now on follows (Pacific Time): 

Sunday from 6pm to 10pm 
Wednesday from 4pm to 8pm 
Friday (every other) from 5pm to 10pm 

Occasionally I will hold special event nights or GAME nights as well on these stream days! I know my amazing clients have been extremely patient with me, and I cannot express my gratitude enough as 2023 and beginning of this year have been the hardest in my life, but I wouldn't have gotten this far without you all and my closest supporters. Im super excited to get back to work for everyone 💖 If you haven't already please consider joining my Discord for announcements and exclusive content @ ! I have SO many good things coming up!!! If you haven't already, PLEASE consider subscribing to my Patreon @ to support me or shop my merch by clicking Shop above!! Even my low dollar tiers help a ton!!! 🙏💖