These terms and policies explain the requirement for volunteering or participating in staff activity owned by or affiliated with the iRaph Studios organization digitally or offline. Please read these terms carefully; any refusal or misuse of these terms is subject to a terminal and bannable offense from all groups, events, websites, and anything affiliated within the iRaph Studios organization. Termination and Bans do no require notice or warning, and are subject to these policies and the discretion of our staff team. These policies are created to help keep our staff and team within consistent and pleasant for everyone.

Section 1, Code of Conduct

#1 Be kind, respectful, and polite

Be kind, polite, respectful, and courteous of other members and the public. The Code of Conduct policy fully applies here.

#2 Age Restrictions

All staff members must be 18 years or older, no exceptions. Minors are strictly prohibited within our staff for legality and possible liability situations.

Section 2, Content

#1 Keep Content Hidden

Unless given specific permission, you MUST keep ALL content within the staff, whether text, image, audio, or video, within the confines of the team. You MAY NOT provide or reveal anything directly, or indirectly, from within the team to anyone outside of the staff.

#2 Spam

Do not excessively and repeatedly post content. Do not post any kind of spam, or anything affiliated to spam. This will likely result in an immediate termination and ban from all platforms associated with our organization.

#3 Keep Content Consistent

As staff, if you're posting content, you must keep your files and content consistent and organized within the appropriate channels, groups, or anything within, to help keep the team organized and focused.

#4 Ownership and Licensing

All content posted within, whether directly or indirectly, our team groups is therein owned privately by iRaph Studios. We reserve any rights within to manipulate, post, or distribute any content posted or given within our groups. If you'd like to dispute a termination and submit a Ban Appeal, carefully, thoroughly, and fully read through our Rules and Terms of Agreement. When you've read through the rules, please send us an email at the email address provided at the bottom with the subject line "Ban Appeal". Give careful and detailed information on why you want to appeal your ban, what you will do when your ban is appealed, and why we should lift your termination. Once your email is received, our staff will read over your email to get up to date on the information provided. This is a crucial step in the ban appeal process. Please put forth the effort and make your email as detailed and professional as possible! Afterwards, our staff will discuss your ban appeal and one of them will contact you with more information as well as a small interview on why your ban should be or should not be lifted.